Pucker Up For Wild Ale’s

Sour beers, some lov’em, some hat’em and the “funk” will knock you off your feet. The science behind this wild-style ale is what grabs my attention. The different bacteria and germs like Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces thrown into the mix are not to make one sick, but to create the sweet ‘n sour fruity nectar of the gods. These beers can take years to create from start to finish, which can cost a pretty penny, but it is well worth it. Barrel aging for 18-24 months isSourBeerDay a must, typically seen in wine barrels, which brings out some of those hidden flavors. My personal preference, when enjoying a sour beer, is the skunkier and more citric acidity the better. To the extent that a stout is imperial or an IPA is a triple, the more extreme end of the spectrum is the right sour for me. The effect on the trade game is unfathomable. Everywhere one looks on other websites the number one trade item is a sour. I’m sure Fuzzy could be traded for a kidney or a testicle depending on the person. Aside from the trade value and expensive nature, these wild-yeasted ales bring a new light to craft beer. Now that we have strayed away from the light lagers and introduced these amazing new styles, sours are here to stay and for good reason. More and more microbreweries and home-brewers are incorporating these beers into their line up. My question to you is, what makes a sour beer good/bad for you? Spill your guts in the comments and tell us why?

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