“I remember my first beer”

The year was 2004 and being the mischievous kid I was, I stole one of my dad’s Coors Originals out of the fridge in the garage. I had it hidden for a few weeks in the box scoor_banquet1_06142012pring of my bed, waiting for the perfect opportunity to crack that bad boy open. I had invited a friend of mine to spend the night. We waited until the coast was clear and my parents were asleep. I went to my hiding spot and grabbed the warm beer and pulled the tab. With a very loud “TSSSS!!!” Both of our eyes opened wide waiting for my mom to come in yelling at us, but she never came. I took the first sip and thought to myself “wow how does my dad drink this crap?” Obviously I played it off to my friend that I was an expert beer drinker. Each of us had half a beer in our stomachs and a burning fear that my dad would notice the missing beer. To manke a long story short, eventually my dad did find out and a 3 weeks grounding ensued. Fast forward a few years and a birthday making beer drinking legal, I cant get enough of the stuff. I mean I do have an entire website dedicated to drinking beer. My question to you is: what is your first beer story?

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